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Jul 01 2015

What’s left of 30 June anniversary for Egypt?

This 30 June anniversary wasn’t an occasion to celebrate the mass protests that led to the ouster of President Morsi. Not just because Egypt’s top prosecutor was killed in a bomb attack in Cairo a day earlier. There was little for Egyptians to celebrate except –for many- the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from power. …

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Jan 21 2015

Crossing the fine line: what Egyptian cartoonists say

Two weeks ahead of the tragic attack on its Paris offices, Charlie Hebdo still triggers posts and comments around the question of freedom of expression before and after publishing of the magazine’s issue last Wednesday. Should there be limits to freedom of speech or does free speech include a ‘freedom of offense’? How far the …

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Apr 26 2014

Churches on the Frontline

Father Arabius knows his city well. He serves St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Ebbe, a district of Lebanon’s second city, Tripoli. Ebbe is bordered by two rival neighborhoods where a recurring conflict has violently erupted once again. Since the start of the uprising in Syria, Tripoli has seen frequent episodes of fighting between supporters of …

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