Dec 20 2019

Despite landmark gains, Jordan’s women don’t see the end of male guardianship

Jordanian women still have a way to go in their fight to end an abusive male guardianship system ruling their lives and bodies regardless of some positive achievements made in the past years Last month, a 25-year old woman was reportedly left 100 percent blind after her husband took her eyes out following a domestic dispute …

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Dec 12 2019

Scores of Iraqi women victim to online sexual blackmail

Emerging cases of online “sextortion” in Iraq reveal a too common and way too unreported practice that exposes women to devastating risks in a very conservative milieu. In September of last year, Iraqi model and Instagram celebrity Tara Fares, aged only 22, was shot dead by unknown gunmen while driving her car in Baghdad. Widely …

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Dec 02 2019

Lebanon’s revolution is a reawakening for Tripoli women

The uprising has opened a new-found space for women in Lebanon’s traditionally conservative second city as they lead their own fight for change. TRIPOLI, Lebanon- Walking to al Nour Square in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, a set of colourful tents stand out with people sitting, bantering, pacing in and out of what has become …

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